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Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #30

Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #30

This Precious Day, It shall be prosperity galore for me in the name of Jesus. I will continue to be free from all forms of bondages, spell, enchantment and generational curses with my loved ones. The power of God will continue to radiate in my life. Nothing will stop me from witnessing the wonders of God in my life affairs. I will keep celebrating God.

This Precious Day, Amazing productivity will keep coming out of my life. More and more increase of godly blessings will keep flowing into my household to God’s glory. I will continue to renew my strength. I will continue to walk and not faint. I will continue to run and not be weary. People will continue to give unto my bosom to the glory of God.


This Precious Day, My gift will keep making way for me. Divine protection is ever my portion with my household. No one shall trouble me and my household in any way. The plans of God will keep coming to pass in my life. Only the songs of joy will continue to be heard in my household. The floodgates of heaven will be perpetually opened over my life and household.

This Precious Day, Divine promotion will keep flooding my home. I shall continue to be a living proof of God’s power and wisdom. The promises of God will keep becoming realities in my life. I will continue to be bold and fearless. I will continue to bear good fruits to the glory of God. It will continue to be easy, effortless and enjoyable for me.

This Precious Day, I will continue to posses my possession to the glory of God. My God will continue to prove Himself in my life and household. No scheming of the enemy will affect me negatively. The grace of God will continue to be evident in my life. Everything about my family will continue to glorify God. I will keep getting richer and richer.

This Precious Day, Great people will be connected to me. All my plans will continue to succeed. Every move that I make will continue to prosper beyond my wildest imagination. Wrong people will never have access to me. I will keep meeting the right people at the right time in the right places of the earth. My eyes will continue to behold possibilities.

This Precious Day, It will be joy unlimited for me. The voice of thanksgiving and praise will never cease in my life and household. My God will continue to enlarge my estate to His glory. The guidance of God will never leave me. With the gift of righteousness and abundance of grace, I will continue to reign in life with Jesus Christ.

This Precious Day, Doing good will always be my portion and story. Uncommon blessings will flood my habitation. It is abundance ever and lack never in my life no matter what. The wisdom of God will keep flooding my heart. Total deliverance is forever my portion. The faithfulness of God will continue to be evident in my life.

This Precious Day, Nothing and no one will take the place of God in my heart and home. As for me and my household, we will continue to please and serve the Lord. It is victory ever for me. It is dominion ever for me. My God will continue to watch over me. I will continue to flow in God’s abundance with no form of bondage.

This Precious Day, My God will continue to keep his covenant of peace in my life. My presence will continue to bring joy to many. My words will continue to bring comfort to many. I will keep using money to defend myself and all my loved ones. My life will continue to inspire many to live the good life to the glory of my Father God.

This Precious Day, I shall posses afresh the attitude of God. My God will keep enlarging my life in favorable ways to His glory and praise. This is surely my time of blessing. The covenant of peace and joy and prosperity will continue to function maximally in my life. I will ever remain untouchable to the enemies of progress. This is my time of heaven on the earth!

❤️A deliberate bombardment of yourself with words of blessings can only do you good. The world is full of negativity. You can choose to make a positive shift for yourself and loved ones by declaring these blessings diligently. Always remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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