Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #29


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #29

This Precious Day, Nothing will remove laughter from my mouth. I shall be anointed with fresh oil. I shall continue to flourish in everything I choose to do to God’s glory. The Life of God will continue to flow in me. I will keep living a life of no limit. I decree that it will always be up and up for me and my household blessing wise to the praise of God.

This Precious Day, The angels assigned for me will bring fortune to me and my household. My goods shall not be given to another. Divine success without measure is ever my portion. Divine breakthrough without measure is ever my portion. Divine supplies without measure are ever my portion. Divine protection is continually my portion and that of my household.


This Precious Day, I shall be empowered afresh by my God for greater exploits to His glory and praise. My life will continue to be wondered at. It is my turn to shine and keep shining. It is my turn to dance and keep dancing. It is my turn for wonderful testimonies. The great joy of the Lord will continue to be my strength. I dare say that I will continue to be a winner!

This Precious Day, I shall receive a double portion of glory. My God will keep destroying all interference by the devil against my continuous promotion and that of my household. The voice of thanksgiving will keep sounding in my home. I will never be a victim of circumstances. Everywhere I go, people will keep showing me more and more favours.

This Precious Day, I decree a continuous breakthrough for me and my household. I shall not labour in vain. I will continue to enjoy the fruit of the labour of my hands. My God will keep enlarging my coast. The seed of longevity will keep growing in me. My money will not be spent on any form of sickness. It is progress ever and setback never for me.

This Precious Day, My innermost desire shall come to pass positively. My life will keep benefiting others greatly. The voice of the Holy Spirit will silence every voice of the devil in my life and loved ones. No weapon formed against my continual health shall prosper. No plan of the enemy shall see the light of the day in my life and that of all my loved ones.

This Precious Day, I shall only hear good report concerning my loved ones. A new dimension of glory shall manifest in my home. No one will dare send an agent of darkness around me. The Light of God will keep shinning in my life perpetually. Total happiness is ever my portion. God and people will continually remember me for good.

This Precious Day, The goodness of Good shall be seen all over me and my loved ones. I shall be strengthened in every way. My God will keep blessing me financially to His glory. Goodness and mercy will continue to follow me everywhere I go. I declare that I am ever protected and secured in the Lord. Divine Presence is ever my heritage

This Precious Day, I will continue to prosper exceedingly. There shall be an increase of the word of God in my life and household. Signs and wonders will keep erupting in my life. I will keep rejoicing in the Lord. It shall continue to be success upon success for me. The peaceful life will continue to be my portion no matter what.

This Precious Day, The goodness of God will saturate my life and household. People will connect me to favorable places. God will continually be honored in my life. My God will keep sustaining me. My God will keep comforting me on every side. I will ever be living the victorious life with every member of my family. The love of God will continue to dominate my life.

❤️Forward ever and backward never should be your day to day mentality. The blessed life is ever your portion. Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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