Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #27


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #27

This Great Day, my God will comfort me on every side and keep increasing my greatness. The places that God has taken me will continue to bring more blessings to me. Divine ideas will keep flooding my soul. My life will keep attracting the best of life. My household will keep living under open heavens. I will keep witnessing more and more miracles of great blessings.

This Great Day, it shall be laughter galore in my home. No trap of the wicked will dare touch me and all my loved ones. Divine connection will continue to be my portion. The seed of longevity will keep growing in me. The riches of God will keep flowing into my life in torrents. I will ever be celebrating the goodness of God with my loved ones.


This Great Day, my way will continue to be the way of pleasantries and all my path shall be peace through the wisdom of God in and upon my life. This is my time of breakthrough. This is my time for unstoppable progress. I will continue to experience more and more peace in every area of my life. No weapon designed against my joy shall work.

This Great Day, Everything ordained by God for my prosperity on the earth will keep becoming realities. No one will tamper with my peace and joy. It shall be victory upon victory for me. The beauty of life will continue to be my portion. I will keep enjoying this life to the fullest by the special grace of God. I declare that I am a winner in every way to God’s glory.

This Great Day, my faith in God will continue to grow exceedingly. My God will keep rewarding me. Open heavens is ever my portion in God no matter what. The Spirit of excellence will continue to operate in me. The seed of greatness in me will continue to flourish. The power of God will continue to operate in me for more and more exploits on the earth.

This Great Day, great possibilities shall abound in my life. Divine supply will dominate my life. Anyone that comes near me shall be blessed. My life will always be a testimony. I declare with joy that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I will continue to live a life of focus and determination. The heavenly life is ever my heritage.

This Great Day, the wind of favor will keep blowing upon my life in every positive way. My joy will always be full. My peace will always be constant. My faith will keep growing in God. My dreams will continue to come true. Every part of my system will continue to experience the touch of God. I will always be a blessing to my generation.

This Great Day, divine strength to accomplish my task is ever my portion. Anywhere I step upon shall yield its treasure to me. There shall be no form of stagnation in my life. My life will keep influencing people around me positively. I declare that my future will continue to be very bright. My life will continue to be filled with the wonders of God.

This Great Day, it shall be blessing unlimited in my home and life. My cup of joy will continue to overflow. My life and that of my household will continue to please God. Things that make for peace and joy will keep happening in my life. The rest of faith will continue to be my portion. Every aspect of my life will keep manifesting the glory of God.

This Great Day, exciting ideas that will take me to a new positive level will keep flooding my soul. The news of blessing will keep flowing in my home and life to God’s glory. My joy will continue to be full. Divine connections for more abundant living will keep happening in my life. My eyes will continue to open to behold the wonders of God in His Word.

This Great Day, the mountain moving faith will keep operating in my life. My confidence in God will keep increasing more and more. I will continue to sing the new songs of victory. Divine fortune is ever my portion. I will keep becoming more and more responsible in every area of my life. My life will keep getting sweeter and better. The joy of the Lord will continue to be my strength.

❤️Faith is the key. Turn your faith lose and absorb the limitless blessings of your God. Anything is possible in God. Share the blessings.🙏🏿

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