Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #26


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #26

This Great Day, the beautiful and organized life is my portion. My God will continue to lead me to the place of dominion and abundance. My life will continue to be a great blessing to others. My life will always be full of benevolent acts. My name will always terrorize evil forces. I will continue to stand fast in the faith and be very strong in the Lord.

This Great Day, more and more resources to live the abundant life in God will keep flowing into my life. Whatsoever I do shall continue to prosper exceedingly to the glory of God. The grace of God will always be evident in my life for good. The promises of God will keep becoming realities in my life. My God will surely connect me to more and more people of honour.


This Great Day, nothing will stop my blessing from coming to me. Nothing will take the place of God in my heart. Nothing will limit the flow of riches to me. My life will keep blessing others. My life will keep radiating the splendor of the Most High God. All will continue to be well for me and my loved ones. I will always be fearless and full of faith.

This Great Day, my habitation has become a terror to every forces of darkness. The love of God will continue to abound in my life and household. It is progress unlimited for me. The work of my hands will continue to flourish beyond my wildest imaginations. I will continue to be very productive. True rest will continue to be my portion and that of my household.

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This Great Day, divine breakthrough is continually my portion. My God will continue to enlarge my coast. There shall be no better yesterday for me in every way. I declare that I shall lack nothing good. I shall continue to dwell in peaceable habitations. My life will keep making God and people glad. No one will have access to me for any form of evil.

This Great Day, abundance will keep meeting abundance in my life. Joy unspeakable of glory is ever the portion of my household. Deep insight for more productive living is mine. Absolutely nothing will make me faint in my mind. I will continue to reign and rule on the earth. I will continue to walk in love. I will continue to lay hold of eternal life.

This Great Day, lack and want will never be part of me and my loved ones. My God will keep connecting me and my loved ones to great people for more riches and joy. I decree success unlimited for myself and my loved ones. Supernatural restoration will continue to be my portion. The beautiful life will continue to be my experience.

This Great Day, the seed of vibrant and sound health will continue to flourish in my life and household. There shall be a continual transfer of wealth to me and my loved ones to keep expanding the kingdom of God on the earth. I will keep fighting the good fight of faith. I will not partake of any evil. I will always be praising God and manifesting His glory.

This Great Day, I shall be spiritually alive more than ever. The fire of love for God will keep burning in my heart. It shall be celebration galore in my home. I will keep rejoicing in hope and pressing forward into more and more victories. My life will continue to be a great inspiration to many. I will continue to win through life with great joy and laughter.

This Great Day, my God will keep fulfilling His eternal word in my life. It shall be rest round about for me and my loved ones. I shall keep experiencing financial freedom. Super success is ever my portion. I will keep hearing good news. I will keep living the abundant life. I will keep experiencing total rest. I will keep scaling new heights to God’s glory.

❤️These are GRAND THOUGHTS. Declare them. Read them. Think them. Contemplate them. Practice them. They will become realities in your life! And share them too!🙏🏿

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