Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #25


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #25

This Great Day, nothing will stop my miracle. Nothing will distract my heart. Nothing will break me down. Nothing will limit my destiny. Nothing will stop me from enjoying this day. I will keep growing in faith exceedingly. The good Lord will continue to honour me in every way to His glory. Fear shall never be part of me and my household in any way.

This Great Day, my God will open more and more opportunities for me to break new grounds. The peace of God will totally saturate every area of my life. I declare that I am forever crowned with glory and honour. I declare that my joy will continue to be full. I declare with confidence that there shall continually be
showers of blessings in my life to God’s glory.


This Great Day, no plans of the wicked will see the light of the day in my life. Things will continue to happen to me positively as I desire it to the glory of God. It shall continue to be up and up for me. I will always be celebrating victories upon victories. I will continue to follow after righteousness, faith, hope and love. No evil shall touch me in any way.

This Great Day, my God will open my eyes to the vast resources around me to live a life that is worthy of the status of a child of God. This is my time! My God will keep revealing to me great and mighty things. It shall be joy upon joy for me. More and more doors of success will keep opening for me in surprising ways to the glory and praise of God.

This Great Day, amazing testimonies of God’s goodness will saturate my household. Divine protection is my portion and my entire household. It is forever well with me. My life will ever be expanding outward and forward. My life will ever be a great model of supernatural success to generations after me. I will continue to live the heavenly life on the earth.

This Great Day, I shall keep hearing good news. I shall keep breaking new grounds. I shall keep experiencing the favor of God. I shall keep dancing for joy. Everywhere I go, it shall be favours galore. My health will ever be sound. My life will ever be glowing with the joy of the Lord. I will keep living with the constant awareness that I am a precious child of the Most High God.

This Great Day, marvelous things without number will keep happening in my home. Divine fortune is always my portion. My health shall not be affected in any way. Nothing will limit my constant victory and supernatural success. I will keep singing new songs with every member of my household. I will keep living by the VISION OF THE GLORIOUS FUTURE.

This Great Day, divine wisdom for more and more exploits is my portion. Everything that I do shall continually bear the mark of excellence and power. This is my time of glory. My life will continue to shine with blazing glory. My household will keep serving the good Lord with joy and marvelous peace. I declare that this is my time for unlimited breakthroughs on every side.

This Great Day, my God will lavishly bless me beyond my wildest imagination. The joy of the Lord will continue to be my strength. It is up and up for me in every good way. It shall continue to be blessing galore for me and my family. The hand of God will always be upon me for good. My life will continually be spent in loving God more than anything and anyone.

This Great Day, the mercies of God shall continually be evident in my life and household. I shall not experience any form of defeat. I shall keep singing songs of victory. I declare that I am blessed beyond measure. I declare that new possibilities will keep arising in my life. My God will keep enlarging my coast. Effortless success will always be my identity to the praise of God.

❤️Blessings consciousness is very important to experiencing constant blessings. Read these blessings to yourself over and over and you will be amazed at the positive results in your life! Share!🙏🏿

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