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Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #24

Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #24

This Precious Day, my God will fabulously bless me and my loved ones. Nice useful things will keep coming to me. Great joy shall keep bubbling in my heart. The joy of the Lord will continue to be my strength. Only the sound of joy shall proceed out of my home on constant basis.

This Precious Day, my God will open my eyes to greater opportunities around me. Big miracles will happen in my life. It shall be open heavens for me and my household. I shall continually be useful in the kingdom of God. Nothing will stop me from experiencing heaven on the earth.


This Precious Day, I will keep entering into the fullness of my destiny. Joy and rejoicing will always be my portion. As a joint heir with Christ, the abundant life will continue to show forth in my life. The seed of longevity will keep flourishing in my life.

This Precious Day, things will keep going great for me. More and more rain of blessing will keep falling upon me. My name shall continually be mentioned in high places for good. No weapon fashioned against me and my loved ones shall prosper. I will keep receiving the help of God!

This Precious Day, my light will keep shinning more and more. More and more of God’s blessings will keep bombarding my life. Things will keep getting better and better for me.

This Precious Day, things will keep getting sweeter and sweeter for me in God. I shall be favoured greatly without measure. The help of God will surround me in every way to the glory of God. My life will ever be beneficial to human race. It is laughter galore for me.

This Precious Day, I declare that all is well with me. I declare that my God will keep opening ways for me where people say there is no way. I declare that it is well with me in every possible way.

This Precious Day, nothing will stop me from manifesting the goodness of God. Nothing will limit God in my life. Nothing will stop me from going higher and higher in the things of God. I will continue to see myself as a global citizen. I will continue to prevail over the enemies of my soul.

This Precious Day, my life will keep radiating peace and joy. My life will keep blessing more and more people. Joy and rejoicing shall dominate my household. I shall definitely hear good news. Nothing, absolutely nothing shall separate me from the love of God.

This Precious Day, it shall be from glory to glory for me and all my loved ones. Only the sound of joy and praises will keep sounding in my home. My time of glory has come. I will keep hearing good news. I will keep enjoying the wonderful grace of God beyond measure.

This Precious Day, divine riches is my heritage. More and more riches will keep flowing to my life. The wheel of prosperity will keep turning in my favour. There shall be torrents of financial miracles in my life. God and people will continue to be good to me.

❤️Permit me to share a secret with you. YOUR POWER TO THINK RIGHT IS YOUR POWER TO LIVE RIGHT. Thinking these blessings can radically change your life! Use them and share them!🙏🏿

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