Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #22


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #22

This Precious Day, I shall keep winning. I shall keep laughing. I shall keep praising. I shall keep celebrating. I shall keep dancing for joy. I shall keep reaping great harvest. The glory of God shall continually radiate in my life and from my life to mankind

This Precious Day, the name of Jesus will keep working great things in my life and household. No evil will locate me in any way. I will keep spending my life in pleasing God. I will keep experiencing the best of God in every good way with my household.


This Precious Day, no unwanted things will come to me. Abundance of all good things will keep flooding my life for my benefit and that of my household. I shall keep reigning with Christ. I shall keep seeing greater and greater testimonies of God’s goodness and mercies.

This Precious Day, every battle against my destiny is declared over. Whatever may want to resist my prayers shall continually suffer defeat. Tears of joy will continue to be my portion. My life will ever be expanding positively with total sound health and deeper inner peace.

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This Precious Day, all that I need to keep living the great life will keep rushing to me. I will continue to win and win. I will continue to experience perpetual peace. I will continue to be a great blessing to my immediate family and my immediate community to God’s glory.

This Precious Day, shame and reproach shall forever be far from me. The anointing for total breakthrough will continue to operate in my life. Divine longevity is ever my portion. My life will always be useful in every positive way. I will continue to eat the good of the land.

This Precious Day, my sorroundings shall be full of the tangible presence of God. Divine wisdom for more and more breakthroughs will keep filling my heart and soul. The light of heaven will keep shinning upon me and every member of my household.

This Precious Day, I decree that only God has the final say in my life and His final say is His word of success, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and total breakthrough with good health. The praises of God will ever be in my mouth. I declare that this is my time of total victory!

This Precious Day, I will keep shouting for joy. My life will keep advertising the power and goodness of God. People will keep giving to me in abundance. I declare that no evil eyes shall see me and all my loved ones. I will continue to triumph over my enemies.

This Precious Day, the miracle working God will keep doing His great work in my life and household. I will continue to show forth the praise of God no matter what. The music of my life will ever be sweet. The angels assigned to me will keep bringing blessings to me.

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