8 Powerful Tips for Positively minded Teens that want to become leaders


8 Powerful Tips for Positively minded Teens that want to become leaders

Show some personality; start by smiling. Yes, being a teen is tough, but don’t make the world pay for your frustration by being surly, detached, or sullen. Be different. Be personable.

Remember the birthdays of key adults in your life and at least send them a card. If you can’t afford a small gift, offer to perform a service for them (raking leaves, washing the car, etc.). They’ll be grateful for the attention.


Respond with enthusiasm and gratitude (as in “Thank you very much”) for any gift or kindness you receive. You are not automatically entitled to other people’s money (even parents and relatives) or favors.

Think twice and consider your future before you get a tattoo or a permanent carving in a conspicuous place on your body. You just may run for a political office one day or become a corporate president.

Respect adults by calling them “Mr.” or “Ms.”/“Mrs.” rather than by their first name unless they give you permission to do otherwise.

Honor your teachers in every way. Don’t join your classmate in disrespecting them. Trust me; you’ll stick out in those teachers’ minds.

Girls, don’t jeopardize your reputation or your safety by wearing outfits that emphasize or reveal your breasts and buttocks and leave nothing to a boy’s imagination. Boys, underwear is not to be exposed ever (as in low-riding pants). That’s why it’s called “under” wear. Most adults will assume you are associated with the wrong crowed. Employers find such attire undesirable. Remember that man looks at the outward appearance.

Don’t engage in text messaging when you are dinning or socialization with your family or other adults just because you are bored. Ask question about their old fogy childhood and bring them up to speed on what’s considered cool today.

Contributed by Deborah Smith Pegues

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