Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #20


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #20

This Precious Day, I shall be ever strong and energetic. Overflowing blessings will keep decorating my life. I shall be honored in high places like never before. I will ever be blazing trails of goodness, kindness and joy for humanity to the praise of my Father God.

This Precious Day, I will keep going up and up in God. My life will continue to be a marvel to many. I will keep attracting more and more blessing into my life and household. I will ever be a living model of blessings and the real happy life to humanity.


This Precious Day, The enemy will not see me and my loved ones. It shall be safety galore for me. More supplies will keep flooding my home to God’s glory. I will ever be winning and showing forth the glory of God in every way. I declare that my time of breakthrough has come!

This Precious Day, My life will continue to promote peace everywhere I go. Nothing and no one will take the place of God in my life and heart. I will keep manifesting the glory of God. I declare vehemently that there is great love for me here on earth. I will ever be unstoppable!

This Precious Day, There shall be a downpour of financial rain upon my life. My God will continue to establish my goings and cause His face to shine upon me. I will ever getting good things easily and effortlessly knowing that it is not by power nor by might but by the Spirit of God.

This Precious Day, More and more doors of blessings shall swing open for me. I shall receive calls from different places simply to bless me beyond my imaginations. I will ever be experiencing more and more favours from my Father God. It shall be peace and progress always in my country.

This Precious Day, Only the will of God shall be accomplished in my life and household. I shall be speedily and supernaturally connected to people of honor to God’s glory. The riches in my country will keep flowing to me and all my loved ones in great abundance.

This Precious Day, Divine ideas will keep flooding my soul for more and more exploits. It shall be blessing galore for me. Great people shall surround me on every side. I will ever be living with great peace of mind without any form of fear because my God is ever with me.

This Precious Day, The presence of God shall be tangible in my life. Wherever I go, people shall call me blessed. The seed of divine health will keep flourishing in me. The seed of longevity will keep flourishing in me. I will ever be surrounded with people of honour.

This Precious Day, No matter the state of the economy, I will continue to prosper exceedingly beyond my imagination. I will continue to be a great blessing to mankind. I will ever be surrounded with laughter and joy and living the heavenly life.

❤️Let me give you a very powerful suggestion. While you are reading, praying or declaring these blessings over your life, try to engage your imagination too. SEE THE BLESSINGS COMING TO PASS IN YOUR LIFE. And remember to share the blessings!🙏🏿

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