Open letter to all students #3


Open letter to all students #3

Dear Student!

Don’t let people get you down! Don’t let anything discourage you! Be determined to succeed. I have a friend who always quote that everything gives way for someone who is very determined. I believe this!

When you are determined to succeed in school, no one can really stop you. People may mock you or jeer at you for being too serious, as long as you do not let this get into you, you will succeed.


Many students cannot withstand peer pressure. They cave in easily and go the way of mediocrity. They stop doing the good things they were doing because some people are discouraging them. Don’t be like these types of students. Set yourself apart. Go for the top! Push yourself. Encourage yourself. Reach for the greatness in you and put forth effort into your daily activities.

See life this way: no matter what you experience from people and circumstances, it is your response that will determine your eventual outcome.

Look at this success equation and let it be your valuable guide in life and school. EVENT + RESPONSE = OUTCOME. Life and people may deal you this and that, what you do in response will determine how things will turn out for you eventually.

Come on, deal with life and people in positive ways and win your way through. You can do it! Laugh at oppositions. Smile negativity away. Deal ruthlessly with mediocrity. Be aggressively serious with your studies. Design your life articulately.

Reach for the best and the top. Take control of your mind and compel your brain to serve you positively.

You Will Succeed!

❤️You can go a step forward by sharing this letter with as many students as possible.🙏🏿

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