Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #16


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #16

This Precious Day, there shall be continual progress and harmony in my country. Bad leaders shall continually be exposed and flushed out. It shall be well with our nation. It shall be well with me and every member of my household. It shall be well with all my friends and acquaintances.

This Precious Day, Beautiful people with loving hearts shall surround me. Divine supply for more and more good things shall flood my life. The rivers of blessing will keep flowing to me. The river of joy will keep flowing in my soul. The fountain of peace will keep bubbling in my heart.


This Precious Day, My case shall continually be settled in God. It shall be laughter galore for me all the time. My mouth will continually be full of praise of God. The journey of life will keep getting sweeter and sweeter for me. No one and nothing will frustrate my progress in any way.

This Precious Day, I shall be blessed beyond measure. Divine restoration is ever my portion. I shall continually be rich in good works to the glory of God the Father. The story of my life will keep getting sweeter and sweeter. I will always be a great model of blessings to mankind.

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This Precious Day, My God will keep making ways for me in the midst of difficulties. I shall encounter the help of the Lord wherever I go. I shall experience more and more miracles. I shall see more and more goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. It is forever well with me.

This Precious Day, More and more testimonies of Gods goodness will be heard in my house. My God will keep enlarging my coast no matter the state of the economy. My God will keep announcing me in the high places of the land. People shall celebrate me in God.

This Precious Day, My God will open a new chapter of glory for me. My understanding of the things of God will keep increasing more and more. I will keep going from strength to strength. I will keep flying higher and higher. I will keep winning souls to the kingdom of God.

This Precious Day, My strength for the journey of life shall be amplified. The abundant life in Christ Jesus is ever my portion. I will continue to flourish abundantly in God. I will continue to influence people for good. More and more testimonies of God’s goodness shall be my portion.

This Precious Day, Divine favour is ever my portion. It shall be up and up for me and my household. The grace of God will keep increasing upon me for more and more exploits. Absolutely nothing will limit me in God. The heavenly life is ever my portion no matter what.

This Precious Day, Divine health is the portion of every member of my household. Nothing will stop me from manifesting the love of God unto others. Nothing negative will take sleep away from my eyes at night. Nothing will limit my destiny in God. Nothing will stop me from living the abundant life.

❤️We have nothing to lose by developing the mindset of limitless blessings. Absorb the blessings into your spirit. As day follows the night, blessings will keep flowing in your life. Dare to share the blessings.

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