Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #15


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #15

This Precious Day, my prayer will continue to accomplish much in life. My Lord will bring to pass the desires of my heart. No good thing will be withheld from me by God. Good ideas will keep flowing in me for good. The seeds of total health and longevity will keep growing in me to God’s glory.

This Precious Day, Amazing testimonies shall be shared by me and my loved ones. My God shall continue to satisfy me in every way. My life will always be a shining light unto others. The love of God will keep abounding in me. I will continue to be a victor and never a victim. It is well with me always.


This Precious Day, Everywhere I go, it shall be divine protection galore. Everyone I see shall favour me exceedingly. Everyone I touch shall be blessed to the glory of God. My God will keep elevating me beyond my imagination. No obstacle will limit my God ordained exploits in any way.

This Precious Day, My God will keep making His ways known to me. My God will continue to save me from all troubles. Absolute rest is ever my portion in God. The great plans of God for me and my loved ones will continue to unfold brilliantly and gloriously. I will keep having more than enough.

This Precious Day, The eyes of the Lord will continue to be upon me for good. I shall be supernaturally guided to places of blessings and peace. I will continue to be very productive. The words of my mouth will keep blessing people. I declare that my case is settled in God.

This Precious Day, Nothing will block my progress. No one will limit my access to abundance of God. It is success ever for me and my household. There shall be showers of blessing upon me and all my loved ones. I will keep rising above every difficulties and limitations.

This Precious Day, I shall witness more and more miracles from God. I shall keep breaking forth on every side to the praise of God. I shall be excellently rewarded by God and people. No form of stagnation shall prevail in my life. My heart will continue to be at rest in every situation of life.

This Precious Day, Something good will happen to me. New door of blessings will open for me. The grace of God will keep increasing in my life. The great dreams in my heart will keep coming to pass. I declare with confidence that all things are working together for my good.

This Precious Day, I shall experience the kindness of God in a new way. My life will keep blessing others in tremendous ways. Divine secrets shall be revealed to me for more successes. I will keep making good choices for more and more supernatural breakthroughs. All is well in my life always to God’s glory.

This Precious Day, It shall be all round rest for me and my household. No negative thoughts will survive in my mind. It shall be progress without number for me and my household. My God will continue to settle me. My God will keep perfecting all that concerns me. It shall be joy upon joy for me.

This Precious Day, The enemy will not have access to my life in any way. New opportunities for more and more blessings will keep coming to me. I will continue to experience the explosive blessings of God. My heart will continue to overflow with praise and gratitude to God.

❤️Strive to always start your day with limitless possibilities mindset. Believe me, ANYTHING GOOD CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. You are the creator of your own reality by what you choose to believe and EXPECT. Dare to share these blessings with others🙏🏿

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