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Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #13

Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #13

This Precious Day, Every evil barrier against my continual prosperity shall be shattered without remedy. Minute by minute flow of revenue into my life is ever my portion. New doors that I cannot imagine will continue to open for me. It will continue to be well with me in every way.

This Precious Day, There shall be great joy in my home. My life will never be a burden upon anyone. My home will always be a place of refuge from the storms of life. It will continue to be forward ever and backward never for me and all my loved ones. Super victory is ever my portion.


This Precious Day, My gift will keep making way for me. Money will keep coming to me from different positive places. The wealth of gentiles shall stream to me. I will continue to be relevant to my generation. My life will continue to unfold in beautiful ways to the glory and praise of God.

This Precious Day, My value shall be positively rewarded greatly. I will be revived spiritually on constant basis. The name of the Lord will continue to be glorified in my home. Only the songs of joy shall keep flowing out my mouth. My life will continue to be full of signs and wonders.

This Precious Day, My God will distinguish me and my household in the land. My life will keep advertising the goodness and power of God. My country will continue to favour me. Everywhere I go; it shall be favour galore for me. Total health and vitality is ever my portion till eternity.

This Precious Day, Divine love will fill my home. Harmony will continually reign in my life and habitation. Uncommon blessings will continue to flood my household to the glory of God. I will keep growing in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The spirit of excellence will keep working in me.

This Precious Day, Calls of blessings shall come to me. Any force that is determined to limit my peace, joy and prosperity in any way, shall be disgraced and scattered. My God will keep guiding me to the restful places of the land. The light of heaven will keep shinning on me and my household.

This Precious Day, The faithfulness of God will continue to manifest in my life. My life will keep showing forth the praise of God. Divine breakthrough is ever my portion. My God will keep connecting me to the right people for more and more breakthroughs. I will keep rejoicing in the Lord.

This Precious Day, The voice of thanksgiving shall continually be heard in my home. The blessing that makes one rich and add no sorrow is always my portion. My God will keep opening supernatural doors of favour for me. People shall be eager to be a blessing to me wherever I go.

This Precious Day, The light of God will keep shinning in my heart for more and more exploits. My life will keep touching lives in more and more beneficial ways to God’s glory. I will continue to be a miracle in the lives of people. The power of God will keep working in me for more and more breakthroughs.

❤️It will benefit you a great deal if you will read these blessings again and again until they sink into your subconscious mind. What you impress into your mind today shall be expressed in your life tomorrow! Keep sharing the blessings because you are blessed!🙏🏿

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