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Open letter to all Students #02

Open letter to all Students #02

Dear students!

There is a particular trait you should develop if you are serious about excellence in life and school. It is the trait of being diligent. I checked out the meaning of diligence in Webster Dictionary. Here is what it says: Characterized by steady, earnest and energetic application and effort. 

Other ways to express diligence are persistence, effort, industry, steadiness, focus, concentration, perseverance, constancy, devotion, thoroughness, and meticulousness.


The opposite of diligence is carelessness and laziness. You must train yourself to be diligent if you want to be a success in life and school. A diligent student will always excel no matter the obstacle.

There will always be distractions here and there for everyone in life. But the people that are wise will always strive to keep their focus no matter what. The race for success in life and school can only end up positively for you if you are determined to keep your focus on what matters.

I am sure you are familiar with the importance of water. One of the characteristics of water is persistence. No matter the obstacle, a flowing water will always try to find its way around and keep moving forward. Strive to be like a flowing river.

Be diligent in study. Be diligent in developing positive characters that will stand you out anywhere you find yourself. Be diligent in thinking positive.

Be diligent in speaking positive. Be diligent in developing quality friendship. Be diligent in collecting great words that will form the fabric of your thought life. When you are diligent, you will find yourself among the wise and you will attract success.

Please note that it is far better to attract success than to pursue success. And one of the best ways to attract success is to develop the life – style of diligence no matter where you find yourself in life.

You will succeed!

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