Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #10


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #10

This beautiful day, I will continue to flow in wisdom and understanding. The wisdom of God will continue to abide in me. More and more light of the things of God shall be revealed in my heart for better living. New doors of glory shall burst open for me to keep ruling and reigning on the earth!

This beautiful day, no force will hold me down in any way. Things will continue to get better and better for me. Destroyers will permanently stay off my territory. I will continue to live the satisfying life with every member of my family. It will always be well with me!


This beautiful day, success upon success is forever my heritage. I will continue to flow in the realm of supernatural Favour. I declare that my loved ones are free from any form of captivity. More and more blessings will keep flowing to me and through me to mankind!

This beautiful day, I declare that I am free from the siege of any generational curse. Wherever I go, doors of blessings will keep opening for me. Whatever is contrary to me shall be scattered out of my path. I will continue to tell new stories of promotion!

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This beautiful day, it shall continue to be ease and joy for me. My God will continue to defend me. A new identity of glory and Colour is forever my portion. Nothing will stop the blessings of God from flowing in my life perpetually. Today is my day in every positive way!

This beautiful day, My God will continue to execute judgment on my behalf. I shall not die but live with every member of my family. Victory upon victory is continually my heritage. I will keep living the appreciative and abundant life!

This beautiful day, I shall rejoice and be glad. I shall clap and dance! I shall eat in plenty and be satisfied. I shall see good things that I have never seen before. I shall operate efficiently and speedily. I will ever be grateful and very happy. I declare that my time of favour has come!

This beautiful day, I will operate persistently in love. I will be self controlled. I will be cool, calm and confident. The power of God will operate in me afresh. No weapon designed against my progress shall prosper. It shall be well with me and all my loved ones!

This beautiful day, no one will trouble me in any way. I shall have constant supply of good. I shall enjoy more and more peace in every area of my life. There shall be showers of blessings upon me and every member of my family. I will continue to live a dynamic life of unending praise!

This beautiful day, everything I touch shall flourish beyond description. The amazing love of God shall radiate through me. I will always be slippery in the hands of my enemies. More and more money will flow to me from every direction with minimal stress and effort. I will continue to enjoy divine health to the glory of God!

❤️Let’s face it, life is garbage in and garbage out! Programming positive declarations into your life can only bring good to you! Please share the blessings 🙏🏿

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