Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #05


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #05

This glorious day, there shall be a definite turnaround for good in my life. There shall be a continual supernatural manifestation in every area of my life. I will continue to go forward no matter what. The presence of God will keep melting every mountain of opposition before me!

This glorious day, the Spirit of obedience to the eternal word of God will keep working in my life and household. Total peace and unending joy will continue to be my portion. It shall be pleasure galore for me without any form of pressure. I will keep prospering and prospering!

This glorious day, the spirit of diligence will keep working in me without measure. I will continue to stand before kings. I will continue to delight in the Lord and He will keep giving me the desires of my heart. I will keep going from strength to strength to God’s glory!

This glorious day, more and more blessings shall be added to me. I will keep experiencing real advantage in every aspect of my life. Wealth and riches shall continue to be my portion. The wicked will have no portion in my household. I will continue to be the head and never the tail!

This glorious day, I receive grace afresh to connect to my destiny more and more. My God will continue to position me for greatness. Total restoration will continue to be my portion. I will continue to enjoy delighted obedience to God’s commandments. The love of God in me will keep growing stronger and stronger!

This glorious day, nothing will stop me from having the best of time. My God shall keep comforting me in every way. I will keep flourishing in great ways. My life shall keep bearing good fruits. My heart will always be full of Joy. My God will keep granting me spiritual understanding!

This glorious day, I will have it the way the good God wants it for me. I will keep living in splendor and overflowing grace, indeed the lines are falling unto me in pleasant places. Indeed my time of unending miracles has come. It will always be well with me and my loved ones!

This glorious day, everything I lay my hands upon will continue to prosper exceedingly. The mercies of God will continually abide in my life. It shall continue to be victory unlimited for me. Darkness will have no place in my life. I shall be honored beyond measure. It shall be total rest for me no matter what!

This glorious day, the sound of laughter and melody shall not cease from my habitation. I will continue to be a person of peace. The help of my Father God will continue to show forth in my life. The joy of the Lord will continue to be my strength. I will keep manifesting the wonders of God on the earth!

This glorious day, I declare myself blessed. I declare my family blessed. I declare my extended family blessed. I declare my community blessed. I declare my friends blessed. I declare my nation blessed. No evil will thrive in my habitation. It shall continually be harmony and happiness all around me!

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