Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #04


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #04

This amazing day, only peace and joy will keep reigning in my heart and life. Divine connections with people of honor is my portion. All that I do shall have the mark of excellence. I shall keep dancing for joy for the joy of the Lord is my strength. Favour will keep surrounding me as a shield!

This amazing day, Help will arise from heaven for me in surprising ways. My life will remain a great inspiration to many. Good things will keep coming to me. It will continue to be breakthroughs upon breakthroughs for me and all my loved ones. I will continue to be the light of the world! 

This amazing day, the love of God will keep flowing in my heart towards humanity. The wind of blessings will keep blowing in my life. Whatever I lay my hands upon will continue to prosper exceedingly. I will ever remain strong and vibrant. Nothing will get me down in any way!

This amazing day, my faith in God will remain very strong. I will continue to have a strong positive outlook on life. Divine success is forever my heritage. Everywhere I go, it shall be favour galore for me. More and more doors of supernatural blessings will keep opening for me. I will always be far above my enemies!

This amazing day, the rain of blessings will keep falling upon me. Money will keep coming to me from unexpected places in the land. My name will keep terrorizing the enemies of progress. It shall be forward ever and backward never for me. In quietness and confidence shall be my strength. All will continue to be well for me!

This amazing day, my labour shall be rewarded greatly. The peace of God will keep ruling in all my affairs. Things will keep getting better and better for me and my household. New songs of victory is what I will keep singing. The glory of God will remain obvious in my life and family. I shall be known in my community for good. Divine Heath is perpetually my portion!

This amazing day, everyone will call me blessed. My mouth will always be full of laughter. No form of evil will come near me and my loved ones. I shall be known for good in the high places of the land. This country will continue to favour me and every member of my family!

This amazing day, More and more blessings will keep coming my way. I shall hear good news concerning my loved ones both near and far. I will continue to experience total rest in every area of my life. Every organ in my body will continue to function optimally to the glory of God. I will keep rejoicing day and night!

This amazing day, I decree supernatural favour upon all my loved ones. I decree success upon success for myself in every way possible. There shall be no cause for alarm concerning me and all my loved ones. The Lord shall preserve me from all evil. It shall be progress unlimited for me always!

This amazing day, I will continue to have it the way I want it by the grace of God. I will keep living a fearless life. I will ever be courageous and positive. The power of God will continue to operate in my life beyond measure. No weapon formed against me and my household shall prosper!

❤️It will be of tremendous blessings to you by sharing the blessings to others now🙏🏿

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