Limitless Blessings Declarations #03


Limitless Blessings Declarations #03

This lovely day, more and more wonders will keep happening in my life. I will keep enjoying perfect health with all my loved ones. I will ever be refreshed, relaxed and recharged with extraordinary strength to the glory of my Father God!

This lovely day, I shall encounter a new level of glory. People shall honor me. My light will keep glowing beautifully. The Presence of God is ever tangible in my life. All my needs are supernaturally met always. Divine success is continually my portion no matter what!

This lovely day, I will ever be strong and vibrant. Frustrations will never come near me in any way. My heart will ever be full of gratitude. The abundant life is forever my heritage. Wherever I go, people shall see the hand of God upon my life. I will keep manifesting the serenity of God!

This lovely day, I shall be guided to restful places. I will ever be advancing forward no matter the resistance. I remained unbeatable in every area of my life. The power of God will keep radiating in my life. Whatever I lay my hands upon will continue to prosper exceedingly!

This lovely day, Nothing will stop me from getting promotion upon promotion. As my days are, so shall my strength be. There shall be a commotion of supernatural blessings in my life. It shall continue to be for me as I want it to the glory of my Father God!

This lovely day, divine fortune is always my heritage. I will keep experiencing signs and wonders by the WORD OF GOD. Total deliverance from lack and want is ever my portion. I will always be free and joyful. My life will keep adding great value to humanity!

This lovely day, no enemy will prevail over me and my loved ones. I will always be cool, calm and collected. My life will always promote peace and unity. Total happiness is forever my portion. I will keep experiencing success without sweat. I will always be living above demonic limitations!

This lovely day, divine connections is forever my portion. I will keep operating in dominion over the forces of darkness. I shall be full of divine energy always. I will always be engaged in harmonious relationships. My fears will ever be upon all my adversaries to God’s glory and praise!

This lovely day, it shall be progress unlimited for me. No obstacle will stand up to me in any way. It will always be from glory to glory for me and my household. I will keep growing in revelation and glory, I will never know a better last year in my life. My positive emotions will always be stable and influencing others!

This lovely day, total comfort is ever my portion. I will never be a burden to anyone. I will keep being a great blessing to many. It shall be joy upon joy for me and my family. I will always be flowing in opulence and unimaginable affluence. My mouth will ever be praising God!

❤️Kindly pass on the blessings by sharing with your loved ones 🙏🏿

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