Limitless Blessings Declarations episode #02


Limitless Blessings Declarations episode #02

This beautiful day, I shall experience unspeakable joy full of glory. My life will continue to amaze people positively. My light will keep shining brighter and brighter. Everything that pertains to me shall keep experiencing a positive shift. I am certainly in for the best of times!

This beautiful day, all manner of blessings will keep following me. My mind shall be clear and very peaceful. My joy will continue to be full. The atmosphere around me shall be charged with the power of God. I and my loved ones will always be untouchable by the enemy!

This beautiful day, divine health is ever my heritage. Money will keep flowing into my life. Anxieties and worries shall be very far away from me. I decree victory unlimited in every aspect of my life. I shall continue to fulfill destiny. The goodness of God shall continually be evident upon my life and household!

This beautiful day, my life will ever be on the path of glory and honor. I shall be known in the high places of the land for good. The peace of God will keep dominating my entire life. There shall be showers of blessings upon every area of my life. I shall keep jumping for joy everyday!

This beautiful day, My labour shall be rewarded magnificently. The heavenly life will continue to be my portion. My life will keep influencing other lives positively to the glory of God. My strength will keep getting stronger and stronger. Divine protection is the portion of my household!

This beautiful day, the wisdom of God will keep leading me. Bad association will never cross my path. My life will ever be on upward growth. My deepest dreams and visions will keep becoming realities. I shall be connected to places of blessings. Every organ in my body shall ever be alive with the life of God!

This beautiful day, I shall be celebrated wherever I go. My God shall comfort me on every side. It shall be more and more blessings for me and my family. The works of my hand shall be blessed beyond measure. Goodness and mercies will continue to follow me all the days of my life!

This beautiful day, The grace of God upon my life will keep touching lives positively. It shall definitely be laughter galore for me. I shall hear good news. I shall see new positive things in my household. I shall receive calls of Favour. I shall be strong and peaceful. I shall keep ruling and reigning on the earth!

This beautiful day, My heart shall be filled afresh with the love of God. I will ever be a winner. My steps shall be positively ordered. I will keep living a life of gratitude. No weapon formed against me and my family shall prosper. I shall continue to prosper no matter the state of the economy!

This beautiful day, life shall be good to me like never before. Only the songs of joy will keep coming out of my mouth. The seed of longevity in me will continue to flourish. Negativity shall be far from me. New doors of unimaginable blessings will keep opening for me and my loved ones. There shall be a constant flow of resources to me and through me to mankind!

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