Check out this lovely and touching TRUE love story…This may surprise you


Check out this lovely and touching TRUE love story…This may surprise you

Every year for the last ten years, me and my wife have done a reenactment of our “first date.” We originally met on MySpace – my wife had just moved to Sherman, Texas and was looking for new potential friends in the area. When she came across my profile, she added me and I accepted. After looking at her page, I noticed she was a former collegiate athlete, just like myself, and decided to send her a message.

We played the pen pal game for a while until finally, I gathered up the nerve to ask her to lunch. We decided to meet at a Chili’s restaurant close to where she was living at the time. We ended up eating and talking for four hours and the rest, as they say, is history.


Now every year, on the anniversary of our first date, I drop her off at the front of the same restaurant and she goes inside to get us a table- just like she did the night we met.

We attempt to sit in that same booth and even wear the exact same clothes we wore on our first date. The only difference over the years has been our growing family in tow.

Now we have four children, and what was once just a table for two is now a table for six.”


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