2 smart ways to Ruling over Money


​2 smart ways to Ruling over Money

  • Reduce your expenses as much as possible:
  • The first reaction of many people after reading this strategy might well be, “No Kidding!” The sad fact is that many people have not resolved to keep all of their expenses as minimal as possible. Expenses-reduction is really a state of mind. It is a constant effort on your part to find ways to save money in all facets of your life.
  • When you go out to dinner, for example, do you really need to buy an appetizer along with your meal? When you buy a car, is it necessary to opt for power windows or will you do just fine rolling them up yourself? Do you really need to purchase movie or other premium channels along with your basic cable package? The truth is, as good a job as we all think we’re doing in reducing our outflow, most of us could do a lot better.
  • My wife and i have participated for years in what we call family financial meetings. At these meeting we go over our written budget and make a game of coming up with ideas on how to save money. These meetings have been extremely valuable exercises. it is amazing to me that, even being a financial planner and author on finance, there is so much waste in my own spending.
  • This waste is typically not discovered unless we take the time to sit down and make it a priority to look at all of our outflow of money and ask the question, why?

  • Do not carry very much cash:
  • One of the best and simplest ways available to ensure you will limit your wasteful spending as much as possible is by limiting the amount of cash you carry when you’re out and about. For most of us, it’s difficult not to be tempted by the wad of cash in our pocket and pull out the money to pay for it.
  • If I didn’t have the money available, however, spending it would not be such an easy proposition. Oh, I’ll always have at least a little with me, but never so much that I’ll be able to buy anything substantial with it. Sure, I could still purchase the item in question without going further into debt if I have my check book or debit card with me, but psychologically speaking I find that it takes more effort to use those spending tools.
  • For many of us, the look and feel of paper money can be quite intoxicating, and it can lead us to act in a fashion that is against our better interests. The best solution is to remove the temptation and keep as little cash as possible available to you.

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