The photo in this post is considered one of the best photos of the last ten years.


This photo above is considered one of the best photos of the last ten years.

The reason: it brought its author ((photographer)) into depression:


The story tells: These two leopards attacked the gazelle while she was with her little children.

The gazelle had the opportunity to escape, there was the distance and could have saved her life, but she decided to give herself up to the leopards. Why ?? To give her little one a chance to run away … Because if she had run away first, her little one couldn’t follow her.

The photo is the mother’s last moment, her throat in the cheetah’s mouth as she watches firmly to make sure her cub has had time to take shelter.

The mother is the only person in the world who can sacrifice their life for you for free. Remember her would sound like a prayer.

May God protect all mothers.

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