3 Powerful practices for a Peaceful Marriage



Nothing great or good comes easy in life, including marriage. If you want something great, you’ve got to work for it and work at it. Peaceful marriage is possible. One person in the marriage is enough to want a great marriage, and it will happen if the person can doggedly practice the following three powerful principles below.


1. Refuse To Attack Your Spouse No Matter What.

Couples attack themselves in various ways. The attack can be mental, emotional, verbal and physical. When there is constant attack in a relationship, it cannot endure. It takes two to tangle, so if one party is resolved never to get involved in the attack game, all will be well in the marriage. Peace moves from one person on a continual basis will defeat negativity ultimately.

2. Refuse To Defend Yourself No Matter What.

Unnecessary arguments have been known to wreck many homes. The point is that we all want to defend ourselves one way or the other. When we give up being right, we will make a great way for peace to reign in a relationship. There are so many things we struggle and strife about that are not really important to our progress in life. Why not let the other person be right as long as peace will reign?

3. Refuse To Accuse Your Spouse No Matter What.

Let’s face it, no one wants to be accused. When we are too judgmental in a relationship, crisis will erupt. We are all prone to judging people for this and that on a daily basis. A heart that is too judgmental cannot know authentic peace.Train yourself to refrain from judging your spouse no matter what. Be accepting. Flow in love no matter what.

In conclusion, the continual practice of the three principles above will cause a positive shift in any union. If the two can do the above, the marriage will be heaven on the earth. But if it is one person who can do these for the time being, go ahead and do them! That lone person is the enlightened one and he or she will ultimately win the other person over. This is a law. We will all ultimately get to love and accept those who don’t accuse us, or attack us and those who gives up their rights of being right when dealing with us.

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