10 things your spouse needs to hear you say from time to time


10 things your spouse needs to hear you say from time to time

Whether we like it or not, words have power on us. Words have power to encourage or discourage us. Word has the power to build or damage us. Words can do a lot to help our relationships in life. Words can work wonders or wreak havoc in homes. It will be good if couples can carefully work on what they say to each other on daily basis. Below are 10 things your spouse needs to hear you say from time to time.

  • I love you.
    Most of us men are shy to say I love you to our wives from time to time. We should brace up and say it. We should not assume it. The Holy Book says open rebuke is better than secret love.

  • I respect you.
    Nothing inspires a man as much as respect from his wife. A woman who is not respected by her husband will not be happy. Expressing the words, I respect you; can do wonders in a relationship.

  • I appreciate you.
    Though we may say within us that we appreciate our spouses, we should go a step further to express it with our mouth. I appreciate you is a sweet song in the ears of both men and women. Let’s sing it!

  • I am praying for you.
    Praying for each other in the home is a must if we want to see a progressive union. We should reassure each other from time to time that we are praying for each other. This is very strengthening.

  • I praise you.
    There is nothing wrong in saying I praise you to our spouse to really honour them as they tackle the challenges of daily living. It can be so motivational.

  • I know you care.
    Positive feedback is always encouraging. When we let our partner know that we know he or she cares, it tends to provoke more caring action. Remember that any behavior that is rewarded tend to be repeated.

  • I salute your courage.
    Life is tough. When we see how our partner handles life’s situations, we should encourage them more and more.

  • I understand how you feel.
    Everyone in life wants to be understood. Each time we acknowledge this need and express it, we tend to boost the peace and harmony in the home.

  • I admire you.
    Wives usually shine when they are complimented by their men. Every man will be happy to hear the words; I admire you from their wives.

  • I trust you.
    The Holy Book says love believes all things. When we behave as if we do not trust our partners, we will not be disappointed. Suspicion and bickering can wreck any home. We must demonstrate some level of trust in each other and express it from time to time to keep the engine of marriage running smoothly.

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