3 Unforgettable gems to spice up your marriage


3 Unforgettable gems to spice up your marriage


1. The longevity of every relationship is decided by the willingness to forgive. (Mike Murdock). 

My comment:

 Come to think of it, every relationship turned soar is as a result of unforgiveness on one or both parts. Forgiveness can work a miracle between married couples. Divorce will be almost non- existent if we can flow in forgiveness.

2. Marriage partners are happiest when they are best friends. (Carl Brecheen). 

My comment: 

No matter how much you love your partner when you got married, the passion will cool down somewhat over time. Though it is possible and even prescribed to keep fanning the flame of passion in the marriage, friendship with your spouse is the most potent medicine for a happy marriage. Cultivate friendship with your spouse at all costs and you will enjoy marriage more and more.

3. The surest way to establish trust in marriage is through your actions. (Dr James Dobson).

My comment: 

We can say a lot of sweet things, but it is what we do that will establish trust between husband and wife. If a man or woman buys property and put Mr. and Mrs. on it, it shows there is a real bond between them and trust will undoubtedly increase between them. Always strive to demonstrate what you say in positive actions towards your spouse and the trust level will increase. And where there is trust, there will be peace and progress.

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