5 ways to live an enriching marital life


5 ways to live an enriching marital life

I hear it continually from people that marriage is to be enjoyed and not to be endured. What is life if we cannot enjoy it? What is fish if it cannot swim? What is a flying bird if it cannot fly? What is a lion if it cannot kill its prey? I believe that marriage can be enjoyed to the fullest. With wisdom, we cannot live an enriching married life. Amongst so many others, I have below five ways to live an enriching married life.



 If you don’t know how to really enjoy yourself, you cannot enjoy others. If you can’t be happy alone, you can’t be happy with anyone else. Teach yourself how to be happy and enjoy yourself no matter what. Learn to nurture yourself and always feel happy to be alive. This attitude will help you and your spouse.


Always remember the first time you saw your spouse and those early moments when you were courting each other. Learn to spend time with your spouse and just enjoy the moments. Laugh together. Review the day together. Plan together. Play jokes on each other.


Your children are with you today, but they will go their ways tomorrow. Why don’t you do all you can to enjoy them today that you have them around you? Children are part of the joy of marriage. Spend quality time with them and the family will be better for it.

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To wake up in the morning and have a place to go and work is a great privilege. Learn to cherish your work. Someone said your worth is revealed in your work. Be grateful that you have something productive to do on daily basis. This joy will flow into your marriage.


It is true that people may bring someone down, but it is also true that people will be used to bring someone up. Be a people collector. Simply enjoy people. Today some people are with you; tomorrow they are gone for one reason or the other. Why don’t we choose to enjoy people while it lasts? Life is too short for unnecessary quarreling.

Most often in life, things will not work until we are determined to work things out. Living an enriching married life should be the goal of every couple. All it takes is the determination not to be a victim of life or relationships but to enjoy life to the fullest no matter what.

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