3 Ways To Maximize The Journey Of Matrimony


3 Ways To Maximize The Journey Of Matrimony

In truth, we can do so much to make life worth living. It is within us to really maximize our living if we are truly interested in doing so. This outlook is also applicable to matrimony. Like they say, marriage is not to be endured but to be enjoyed. This is not the case with many homes. Until we take personal responsibilities to living a fulfilling life in our marital experience, nothing worthwhile will happen to us.


I share below some ways to really maximize our relationships in marriage.

1. Be Grateful Daily For Each Other. It is a popular saying that we don’t usually appreciate what we have until we lose it. I think each couple should find a way to express gratitude to God for having each other. No one can be totally useless in a relationship. As we fan the flame of the positive things that we can see in each other, we are bound not only to see more, but there will be an increasing dimension of love oozing forth to grease the marital machine for continual joy. When we fail to do this daily or frequently, bitterness and unforgiveness will gradual erode the peace and joy in the union leading to a broad family conflicts and sorrows.

2. Compliment what you see in each other daily no matter what. It is to our own interest to be a “compliment detective” in our homes. The husband should find one way or the other to compliment the wife while the wife should also learn to compliment the husband as often as possible. No one gets saddened by compliments. As a matter of fact, the more you compliment your spouse, the more you see things to compliment more and more. And the more you make each other happy. Happiness in the home will create an atmosphere of possibilities and rest. This is the will of God.

3. Be Together Daily As Much As You Can. There is nothing like companionship in a marriage. Yes, it is good for husband and wife to be busy one way or the other, but they should find every moment available to be together. Moreover, they should try as much as possible to sleep together daily. The practice of rubbing minds and body together on daily or constant basis has a fantastic way of cementing the bond of marital love more and more. It is easy for us to know when we are straying from each other as a couple. The best thing to do in these moments is to draw closer to each other by whatever means and fan the flame of love again and again!

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I love this quote that says in teaching, I am taught. I humbly submit that all I am trying to do in all my writings on marriage is to share with you what I am also wanting to learn and practice!

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