7 Reasons Why I Think My Wife Has Been With Me For 29 Years


7 Reasons Why I Think My Wife Has Been With Me For 29 Years

Nearly three decades of marital union is no joke! Every marital union involves passing through thick and thin to establish the family life. In reflecting on my relationship with my wife over the last 29 years I am bringing out these 7 reasons among the many reasons why I think my wife has endured me for so long.

  1. My wife loves me: The truth is this: you will know when someone truly loves you. I am convinced that my wife loves me. Don’t ask me why I know this. I just know that I know that I know that my wife loves me.
  1. My wife knows I love her: Men by nature find it sometimes awkward to express love like women. But I know that my wife has a kind of rapport with me that convinces her of my undying love for her.
  1. My wife has the fear of God: I know that I must have failed my wife many times but her devotion to God and His word must have prevailed many times for her to go the way of forgiveness and allow the power of love to flourish.
  1. My wife loves her children: The undying love of my wife for her children is a strong motivation for her to stay with me through thick and thin so that we can both provide a powerful platform for the children to build a solid future.

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